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Dear Faithful of the Parish Family of St. Bartholomew,

            I hope this letter finds you and your family in good health and spirit as we face this world-wide health pandemic.  I want to assure you that you are all in my thoughts and daily prayers as we pray for an end to this virus. I would ask that you take a moment together as a family and read both sides of this letter so that every parishioner may be united in prayer for the next few weeks.

            In the event of the death of a parishioner I have set up an emergency line at the Parish Office.

PLEASE only use this number in the event of a death.  440.842.1897.

Please keep the following in Mind & Prayer:  we are not to be in close physical contact yet we can remain close in our Faith and Catholic Devotions to the Church that remains a source of light, healing and grace as we approach Easter and the Resurrection of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

This quiet/alone time can be a time for self-examination and reflection on our Creator who holds the world in His hands.

            There may be a relative, neighbor, or senior citizen who needs something such as groceries, prescriptions or a simple phone call.  Be sincere, kind and compassionate and reach-out as you are able.  The darkness of the present will only fade away with Christ.

Your parish family of neighbors, friends, our staff and myself are all concerned on how we can still “be together” while we cannot physically gather and worship in our Church.

I am encouraging everyone to gather in prayer via a live-stream of the Mass.

I will celebrate Mass in the Sanctuary of St. Bartholomew

and ask you go to the Parish Website

for live-stream link.

Please note the times that we will be broadcasting live from the Church…      

5th Sunday of Lent   March 29th @10am

Palm Sunday  – April 5th  @10am * (see reverse on our plan for distributing palms)

Holy Thursday – April 9th  @7pm

Good Friday – April 10th  @3pm

Blessing of Food – April 11th  @1pm ** (see reverse on our plan for Blessing Easter Foods)

Easter Vigil – April 11th @7:30pm

Easter Sunday – April 12th @10am

April 5th:  Palm Sunday Distribution of Palms:

During the 10am live-stream broadcast I will bless all of the palms.

From 12 noon thru 2pm a few members of our Holy Name Society will be outside distributing the blest palms.


Please enter the property via the BAGLEY ROAD drive between the school and parish offices and follow the cones along the back of the school to the tables outside behind the GYM doors where the blest palms will be given out. 

Please simply drive up and lower your passenger side window where the HNS Member may give you your palms.  Please do not get out of your car. 

Exit either the back Pearl Road Drive or the Bagley Drive next to Craciun Funeral Home.

Saturday, April 11th Blessing of Easter Foods

We will do an outdoor Blessing of Easter Foods and ask you to remain in your car.

Simply find a parking spot in the Main Church Parking Lot by 1pm and lower your window.

I will be outside (with amplification) and hold the Blessing of Easter Foods Service.

I will then go between cars and bless all with Holy Water.

PLEASE DO NOT MOVE YOUR CAR UNTIL I return to the podium and end the service so that I and everyone gathered, remain unharmed and safe!

Sunday Offertory

Finally, I need to ask that during this time you do what you can to send your Sunday Envelopes to the Parish via US Mail as we still need to take care of the Church and our responsibilities of bills and payroll to our staff and teachers.

Staying Connected For Updates

Please watch the Parish Website as this is the quickest way to relay information to everyone.

In the event of anything contained in this letter changes per our Diocese or Government, we will advise everyone on our Parish Website.

In closing, I am reminded in the prayers of the Mass of Christian Burial that Life is changed,    NOT ended and I offer all of my best and prayers to all of you, my parishioners and friends here at the Parish of St. Bartholomew.  Together, we WILL overcome this pandemic and will be able to return to our normal routine and way of life.  I ask Almighty God for His intervention and help as we battle this crisis, for in Him we are strong and will prevail.

In Christ,

Fr. Leonard M. Bacik

Your Pastor

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