EdChoice and EdChoice Expansion 2020-2021


What is EdChoice?

  • Click Here to watch a video explanation of the programs and tutorial on how to apply

Am I Eligible?

  • Check This List – If your assigned public school is listed then you might qualify for EdChoice
  • Check This Chart – If your gross annual income is at or below the guidelines then you might qualify for EdChoice Expansion
  • Video to help determine Eligibility

How Do I Apply?

1. Once your child has been accepted by the Academy of Saint Bartholomew, you will complete and send in the Scholarship Request Form, along with your proof of current address and your child’s birth certificate. Please send these forms to the Academy of Saint Bartholomew Office.

2. The Academy of Saint Bartholomew will then submit an EdChoice application for your child through the online secure application system, ONLY available to the school.

3. Check the Federal Poverty Guidelines to determine if you meet the income requirements for your household size and you want your income verified to determine if you qualify for low-income status. Note: Families applying for an expansion scholarship MUST have their income verified; it is NOT optional.

4. Complete the Income Verification Form, gather all supporting income documents, and mail to the address listed on the form by the listed deadline.

The EdChoice and EdChoice Expansion Scholarships can be renewed yearly

Renewal Form

Additional Resources

Looking to transfer scholarship from a different school? Click Here for the Transfer of Scholarship Form – It must be signed by a school official from the previous provider.

EdChoice Scholarship: Information for Parents to visit the Ohio Department of Education page.